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Tips For Using Two Tabs 2022

We have integrated the bowlsresults web service into the existing EBOS website using two tabs, as explained below.

Starting from the main EBOS website, follow this step
- click the menu link for 'bowlsresults (view in new tab)' but before that read the following two notes:
- - note 1) this tab, let us call it EBOS tab, will go but can be recalled by clicking its tab heading
- - note 2) in its place, you see a bowlsresults page, lets call that BR tab

You now have an EBOS tab and a BR tab. Switch between them by clicking the appropriate tab heading.

Let's see how that looks in action, starting below with just the EBOS tab (with its heading labelled as 'East Bham > 60s BA')

Then, immediately after clicking 'bowlsresults (view in new tab)', this is what you see.

You now have two tabs with the new BR tab (with its heading labelled as 'tables') visible.

For your ongoing browsing, to view the other tab just click on its tab heading.

BR tab menus and navigation:
- on a large screen device (e.g. laptop tablet), most menu items are in a left hand column
- on a small screen device (e.g. smartphone), most menu items appear across the top of the page

When you initially open the BR tab, you will see all of the division tables
BR pages are richly enhanced with hyperlinks such as:
- click on a team name to show its results and fixtures
- and lots more